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By | 04/03/2023


Tally Prime is the next generation of Tally Accounting software. It is a GST-ready accounting software that helps you file your GST returns efficiently. With Tally Prime, you can easily create invoices, keep track of your inventory, and manage your finances.

Setting up

This guide will take you through setting up Tally Prime on your computer. Tally Prime is an accounting software that is used to manage finances.


1. Download the software from the internet.
2. Install the software on your computer.
3. Launch the software and create a new company.
4. Enter your company name, address, and other relevant information.
5. Select the type of company you are creating – for example, a sole proprietorship or partnership.
6. Choose your financial year and start date.
7. Set up ledgers for your accounts receivable and accounts payable.
8. Enter your opening balance sheet information.
9. Create inventory items for products or services you sell.
10. Set up customers and suppliers in the software

Tally Prime Free

Using Tally for accounting

Tally Prime is an award-winning accounting software used by businesses of all sizes. It is simple to use and has many features that make it an excellent choice for businesses.

Some of the features of Tally Prime include:
-Inventory management
-Accounts receivable
-Accounts payable
-Financial reporting
-Tax filing

Tally Prime is an excellent choice for businesses that want easy-to-use accounting software with all the necessary features.

Software for inventory management

With Tally Prime, you can manage your inventory more efficiently and get a real-time view of your stock. With its powerful features, Tally Prime makes it easy to keep track of your stock levels, set reorder points, and track inventory movements.

GST compliance

The GST compliance feature on Tally Prime is a tool that helps businesses with their GST filings. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps businesses keep track of their GST filings.

The GST compliance feature on Tally Prime is a simple and easy-to-use tool that helps businesses keep track of their GST filings. The tool helps businesses by providing them with a list of all the invoices that need to be filed under the GST regime and a summary of the total GST liability for the business. The compliance feature on Tally Prie also allows businesses to generate their GST returns and file them electronically with the government.

Tax filing

Tally Prime is a software application that helps businesses keep track of their finances and file taxes. The application is easy to use and helps businesses save time and money.


If you manage payroll, you know how important it is to have software that can make your life easier. Prime is a cloud-based software that can help you easily manage your payroll. With Software, you can:

-Create and manage employee profiles
-Track employee leave and attendance
-Calculate salaries and wages
-Generate payslips
-Make payments to employees

Prime is simple to use and can save you time and money. With Software, you can be sure that your payroll is in good hands.

Loan management

Tally Prime is a loan management software that lets users keep track of their loans and make payments on time. It also allows users to create custom loan repayment schedules, set up reminders, and track their progress.Software for financial analysis

Software is a powerful tool for financial analysis. It allows you to quickly and easily produce insights into your company’s financial performance. With Software, you can:

– Understand your company’s financial health
– Make informed decisions about where to invest
– Monitor your company’s progress over time

Tally Prime is easy to use and has many features that make it ideal for small businesses. Get started today and see how Tally Prime can help you take control of your finances.

MIS reporting

MIS reporting is an essential aspect of business that allows the management to track progress, performance, and trends within the organization. It provides a real-time view of business progress and helps make informed decisions. Software is an excellent tool for MIS reporting as it is user-friendly, efficient, and customizable.


Tally Prime is an accounting software used for managing financial transactions, inventory, payroll, and other business-related operations. Here are the system requirements for Software:
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz processor or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
  • Graphics: 1024×768 resolution or higher (with support for 16-bit color)
  • Hard Drive: 150 MB free disk space for installation and additional space for data files
  • Internet connection: Required for activation, updates, and accessing online features

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